Shimasho Inc.
Vegetable oil is one of nature's most valuable gifts to the human race.

Our ancestors used seeds and beans containing natural oils for cooking because they were aware of the gpowersh they possessed. Vegetable oils contain an abundance of solar energy and a rich supply of superior elements (fatty acids) that contribute to our health and well being. Today vegetable oil is used in variety of ways, from household cooking to meals when dining out and processed foods. Moreover, vegetable oils bring out the flavor of our food, make our cooking delicious and contribute to our health and beauty, making them one of naturefs most valuable gifts to the human race.

Since our foundation, we have specialized in the wholesale of vegetable oils. In the 21st century, we further aim to contribute to help you realize the benefits of eating right as an gInformation distribution companyh which delivers the high quality foods and up-to-date information.

Shimasho Inc.
Go Shimada