Shimasho Inc.
Edo period (1615-1868)
According to the records of Asakusa Dorin Temple, Shimasho was officially established in 1744 by Kichiemon Musashiya. However, it is expected that Shimasho commenced business dealings as early as the Kyouhonenkan period (1716-1736).
Since the Aneinenkan period (1772-1781) the company name, "Yamaju Shimaya. Shinsuke", underwent several changes. In the old feudal succession document of "Kaei 4th year (1815)", the company is recorded in the wholesaler name list as "Sumiyoshigumi Aramono wholesaler", "Torimachigumi Komamono wholesaler" and "Shimaya Shinsuke" of Nihonbashi Koamicho.

Meiji period (1868-1912)
Shimasho became a vegetable oil wholesaler during the Meiji period. It was recorded in "The Japan Commerce and Industry business record", published in 1898, as a dealer in "vegetable oil and kitchenware". Later, we became "Shimada Shinsuke Shoten limited partnership" and dealt with rape oil, sesame oil, camellia oil, flour, buckwheat, and starch. Cargo carried by Denma ships to Koamicho was sold over the whole Kanto district.

Taisho period (1912-1926)
1917 - Participated in the establishment of the "Tokyo Kaijirushi Kihatsuyu union", a sales union for Rising Sun Oil (later to become the Shell Oil Company). In the same year, we became a special agent of "Takemoto oils and fats., co." later to become "Nisshin oil manufacture" ( future will be The Nisshin OilliO group, ltd.).
1923 - The Great Earthquake of 1923 struck Kanto area and killed our family and staffs.

Showa period (1926-1989)
1929 - Masujiro Shimada,, the 18-year-old and ninth successor to the business, rebuilt the business.
1941 | WWII causes the tightening of controls and we were designated as an oil and oil staff distribution public corporation.
1945 - Rebuilt our store and warehouse in Koamicho, which had been burnt down by major air raids in Tokyo during the war, and we started over as a special agent of Shell oil.,co. , Nisshin oil manufacture.,co. and Takemoto oils and fats.,co.
1959 - Established Tobukogyo.,co. (currently Tobu Chemical.,co.), and dealt mainly with Shell's chemical products.
1964 - Company name changed to Shimasho inc.
1966 - Shimasho established Shell Garden.,co.( retail store )
1969 - Established Chuo Shell oil selling.,co.( Gas station )

Heisei Period (1989-present)
1989 - Head office building "CANAL TOWER" was constructed, and started office leasing business.
2004 - GO MERCHANTS,. Ltd. was established as an associated company and started importing olive oil from Italy. Shimasho expands business into dealing with a variety of high-class foods at present.